RSPB Walsall Local Group

About the group

Blue Tit sketch by Mike Langman

The RSPB says this about local groups like ours:

"RSPB local groups represent the RSPB in local communities, where they are ambassadors for the Society. Through face- to- face contact and involvement with local people, they promote support for and membership of the RSPB, and make a vital and greatly valued contribution to the achievement of the RSPB's conservation objectives. Local groups actively pubicise their own activities and the RSPB's work through the local media and other communications."

The RSPB Walsall Members' Group (as it was then called) was formed in 1971 and is one of the oldest groups in the country.

Since its formation a full programme of indoor meetings has been held each year, for the benefit of local members and to raise awareness of the work of the RSPB.

Monthly field trips are arranged to varied bird watching sites and provide much enjoyment to members who take advantage of the outings.

Each year the group usually organises a bird watching weekend and in recent years we have visited Anglesey, Norfolk, South Wales, South Devon, Minsmere and Scotland. In April 2000 and 2001, we were more ambitious and organised a week of birdwatching in Majorca.

Funds raised by group activities and sales of RSPB goods have allowed us to contribute to various RSPB appeals and especially to support our local reserve at Sandwell Valley.

We also try to encourage membership recruitment to the Society and to support youth activities.

Membership of the Walsall Group is free; all are welcome, though we do hope that you will join the RSPB.